Quality food, fair prices, fair trade

Quality food,
Fair prices,
Fair trade.

Afrikamart connects fruits, vegetables and cereals producers with local and international B2B buyers

Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Market retailers, Export.

How do we proceed ?

- Before Harvest -
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Farmers registration with their production capacity
and Buyers subscription with their supply needs

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Information checking process
and farmers and buyers matching algorithm

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Production programs design and
farmers coaching according to market demand

- After harvest -
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Production, harvest and products deposit at the nearest collection center.
Quality control by Afrikamart agents.

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Order fullfillment, Dispatching.

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Deliveries to local hotels, restaurants, market retailers and supermarkets.
Air or sea freight for international buyers.

Unlock the potential of agribusiness in Africa through digital

More than a mission, our duty

Our motivation

80 % of what we eat comes from small scale farmers

They are at the base of the food we eat, what we transform, what we export and yet, most of them are poor. This situation is due to several factors. One of the main reason is the multiplication of middlemen between farmers and buyers.

Nearly 70 % of the working population is involved in agri food sector

Agrifood is one of the key sectors in the african economy. 57 % of jobs are in agriculture at the continent scale. Especially in West Africa, 66 % or the working population is involved in agrifood (including farming, food processing, packaging, food transportation, distrubution and retail).

Nearly 50% of mobile penetration recorded in West Africa

The global penetration rate of mobile subscribers reached 47% in 2017, 28% more than at the beginning of the decade. Mobile telephony improves social and economic inclusion and offers new horizons for consumers with instant access to information and mobile payment.

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